How To Set Up Your Tail Table!

Watch the video above for a detailed step-by-step install!

Find Your Unique Tail Table Setup!

  • Remove the Main Tail Table Unit from the Tail Table bag.
  • Open Tail Table by holding the handle and table edge and pulling apart.
  • Remove the Chopping Board. Set aside.
  • Now, find your unique setup!
  • Remove the ‘third leg’ from inside Tail Table unit and screw it into the hole under the handle. This third leg provides additional stability.
    Note; some vehicles have trunk areas lower than the third leg can reach. That is fine. The third leg is ad additional stabilizer but not necessary.
  • Unscrew the HOOK & DIAL system so that it is a few inches out in length, then insert the hook into your vehicles U-latch.
  • Pop out the Swinging Legs. Note; To extend the legs use your finger to move them towards the center of the table, then use a downward/outward motion to extend the legs. The legs will click into place once fully extended. To retract the legs, push IN and UP.
  • Unscrew the Metal Legs (with rubber feet) so they extend a few inches from the swinging legs.

     i. Note; if your bumper sits very close to your U-latch so that the Swinging Legs are too far out from your bumper to brace effectively, remove the metal legs and instert them into the Static Leg Holes just behind the Swinging Legs.

    ii. Note; if your bumper is too low for either the Swinging Legs or Static Legs to reach, you should have or request to receive leg extensions at Rare SUVs and some Vans tend to have lower sitting bumpers which require extensions. We will priority ship them to you at no cost if they weren't included with your order. 
  • Dial down the HOOK & DIAL mechanism and lower all of the legs until the bottom of the Tail Table is touching or almost touching the U-latch and floor of your vehicle.

Now, you are all set! For daily use, setting up the Tail Table is as simple as ‘Hook, Brace, Dial Down, Level, Insert Chopping Board, Enjoy!’

  • Hook; get a good connection with the metal star shaped hook to your vehicle’s U-latch.
  • Brace; Brace the feet against your bumper.
  • Dial it down; Dial down the Tail Table’s Hook and Dail system tightly to the U-latch. We find that it’s helps to push down on the handle while dialing down to get it super tight! Don’t worry, you won’t hurt it, or your U-latch. Give it a good extra twist!
  • Level; The great thing about a Tail Table is you do not need flat ground. Anywhere you park you will be able to twist the metal legs to get a level surface. Reach under the table, and even push the table up from the bottom if needed to get the legs to turn freely for adjustments.
  • Insert Chopping Board; Connect the two sides of the chopping board (like a LEGO). Then insert the chopping board into the handle. Then close the table to make the full LEGO-like connection.
  • Enjoy!!! The best part of the Tail Table is that in less than 60 seconds you can have the ultimate home away from home.

Try The 4 Different Tail Table Configurations!

Care & Maintenance

  • Do not set more than 25lbs on the outer edges of the Tail Table. The Tail Table is intended for light duty use such as eating and drinking. Storing large items on the Tail Table is not recommended.
  • The mats and chopping board are food safe material. A light rinsing or soap and water is all that's needed to clean these surfaces.
  • The Tail Table was engineered to last a lifetime of fun in the sun. All metal parts are stainless steel and the rest is high grade ABS plastic. If you drop the unit in salt water feel free to give it a rinse off in clean water and it will be just fine!

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