About Space Innovation Labs

Space Innovation Labs has roots in Aerospace design and our vision is to make the most out of the space in any car of SUV.



Our Favorite Things

At Space Innovation Labs we believe the best products are built out of necessity. As an avid outdoor enthusiast who also enjoys the finer comforts in life, we create products that marry those two things so that we can relax and bask in the beauty which we all are fortunate enough to have access to, the great outdoors! We support organizations such as The Sierra Club and local organizations which support protecting and preserving mother nature. In line with what we support the EV and sustainable energy movement for a smarter economy and cleaner air. Space Innovation Labs, inspiring freedom.

Spark Some Joy

With a background in tech and product development, we set an agenda to develop products that were made to bring out your wild and adventurous side.

Tech & Wild

Technology and wilderness seem at odds with each other most times, but we believe a balance can be had. We cherish our ability to unplug, but savor the freedom our online jobs afford us more opportunity to unplug.

Lawrence Bugg

Tech entrepreneur and California wine enthusiast

Grant Bell

Industrial Product Designer and Overlanding Aficionado

Alex Gao

Industrial Designer and Seeker of Creative Inspiration