Your Tail Table Shipping Update! Positive News!!

Your Tail Table Shipping Update!


Thank you from our entire team at Space Innovation Labs for your Tail Table Investment!  Although, our shipping time frame has shifted slightly; I am pleased to report that we have successfully secured space in a shipping container that is scheduled to depart China at the end of October. 

I am gratified to announce that despite global raw material shortages we now have secured the materials needed to complete production of the thousands of Tail Table orders that we have received.


As you know, currently there are major international shipping and supply chain issues that directly impact on the arrival timing of products such as our Tail Table. Currently, it is difficult even for major international brand named products to secure slots on container ships. 


The root causes for these shipping issues are Covid related as well as difficulty in finding crews and log jams at ports in Asia as well as in the United States. Despite these issues we are making tremendous progress in getting the Tail Table to your door step ASAP!


We understand your frustration regarding any delay but rest assured we are working non stop, to expedite this entire process. We will continue putting forth maximum effort to get this product to you. We truly apologize for this delay in you receiving your Tail Table.


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We are pleased to share some exciting highlights from national influential media in the gear review space reinforcing just how right you are to wait a bit longer for your Tail Table. For starters, Outside Magazine has named the Tail Table one of the top 'notable' gear from the recent Outdoor Retailer event!

In a second follow up article by Gear Patrol they named the Tail Table among the "10 awesome products that will upgrade your next adventure". 

In addition to the above media outlets we will soon be featured on many of the major national morning shows. We will share those stories with you as they come out.


Most importantly, the Tail Table is currently being properly 'gear reviewed' by numerous outdoor and travel focused media outlets from Gear Junkie, Men's Journal, Travel and Leisure Magazines as well as several popular YouTube influencers so that you will soon have fresh and unfettered insights into what the best gear testers in the world think of our product. 


It it important to note that all the images you see as well the gear testing being conducted by editors are utilizing Tail Table prototypes. YOUR production versions are being cooked up now to catch that container shipment in late October! 

In short, wow! The Tail Table Pre-Sales and media feedback continues to be a huge success! Thank you all for your trust and support. We are looking forward to seeing thousands of Tail Tables in the great outdoors!

Stay tuned for more detailed timelines. We will be able to share concrete dates once Tail Tables are being packaged and palletized in late October. Meanwhile we will share images of the production process via email and on Instagram / Facebook to show you a behind the scenes look into your Tail Table being created.

Thank you for your ongoing excitement and patience from Team Space Innovation Labs!

**Estimated arrival times stated on the website have been updated for new orders.


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