Your Latest Tail Table Shipping Update!

Our customers have spoken, and we have listened! We've got two words that we think all of our customers will appreciate. AIR FREIGHT.

We are equally as frustrated as many of you as to how long it is taking for our first container of Tail Tables to arrive at The Port Of Los Angeles. Furthermore, due to global supply chain issues, once the container as arrived at The Port Of LA, it could take a longer than normal to process and truck the shipments to our warehouse.


Our solution? While we continue to wait for our first containers to land at port, we have taken some level of control back over the shipping process by investing heavily with FedEx Air Freight to systematically begin flying pallets of Tail Table orders directly to our warehouse for immediate delivery to our customers that have been waiting the longest.


Currently, we have an air fright scheduled to ship in 1-2 weeks landing in January at our Warehouse which will cover our first roughly 1000 orders. If you order is 0001-10024 you can expect to receive your order in the next 3-4 weeks. It may be sooner, we do not want make the mistake of overpromising again.


For those who have ordered more recently, please rest assured - your units are still on their way. You can expect them shortly after Chinese New Year! We will systematically ship pallets via air freight at an extreme cost in order to keep Tail Tables flowing to our 5000 pre-order customers.


We want you to know that we love you all! We feel your pain, and we could not ask for more from our pre-order customers. We would be nothing without you. We are making this significant capital investment in this Air Freight push for you, because you invested in us!


We thank you from our entire team for your support, patience and excitement! You will be the first to receive and experience the Tail Table! We have worked hard to make this first product worth the wait and overengineered it so that it will last a lifetime of fun in the sun.


Lawrence Bugg
Founder at Space Innovation Labs, LLC


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