Who is ready summer fun in the sun?!

Here at Space Innovation Labs we have deep gratitude for our freedom and give appreciation for it every day. The Tail Table was created to bring more people closer to nature, more often, allowing the healing powers of nature to heal the soul from our daily deluge of technology, media, and news (mostly bad it seems).


When most people think about getting into nature the idea of pitching a tent in the forest or booking a campsite in a national park comes to mind. We believe that it could and should conjure up more low hanging fruit images of places you could easily frequent for a quick 30 minutes to an hour up to a day or afternoon trip.


Studies show that the psychophysiological effects of seeing green environments for only 20 minutes has many profound effects on the body and mind including but not limited to; a.) significant reduction in heart rate b.) mood changes and reduced levels of depression. As well many other knock on effects that leave you feeling, thinking, sleeping, and living better.


When we need a nature fix our process is to think in concentric circles around our home. Starting with a walk, hike or jog along any nearby paths. Out to local city parks, then imagining all the roads leading out of town into the countryside and any cool pit stops, overlooks, farmers markets, lakes, rivers, or mountains along the way. (Maybe general images of farmers market date unless we have one that works for that)


Parents; If you are a stay at home, or work from home parent. Get those kids out for lunch in the park, by a lake or river, an overlook, or anywhere that will allow them to break away from media and be children again. Letting them run around outside will do wonders for their mental health, and yours! (Not sure which image here)


Couples or single people on the dating scene; We all get caught up in the same old dinner at a restaurant for a ‘date night out’ or the classic ‘dinner and movie’ date idea. Spending time in an open nature space together can build a new experience shift the tide of the same ol’-same ol’ to leave you both feeling refreshed and connected. Try starting your day together with a morning breakfast date! You will both be smiling the rest of the day. Add breakfast overlooking red rocks here)


Only after exploring all these ideas do we begin planning trips to further national and state parks.


We hope you enjoy finding hidden gems from overlooks, parks, trails, winding roads, events, farmers markets and much more on your Tail Table this summer. Enjoy your freedom and summer fun in the sun!


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