Top 15 Ideas for Living the Best Tail Table Lifestyle this Summer

What is the Tail Table Lifestyle? We know what it means to us and below is a top 15 list of the ways in which the Tail Table beacons you to Get Outside! ‘Get Outside!’ is our official brand slogan and message because it embodies how the Tail Table provides you with the freedom to get outside more often whether a quick lunch in the park on a weekday for some fresh air with the kids, or an elaborate camping or road trip. 

We want to hear from you! What are your plans when you receive your Tail Table and start living YOUR Tail Table Lifestyle? We try to ask our customers how they plan to enjoy their Tail Table for discovering more freedom, adventure, or simply more fresh air and freedom. We realize that until you are a proud owner of a Tail Table, it is difficult to imagine the many options which will unfold in front of you and your family. We at Space Innovation Labs can safely say that the Tail Table is a game changer! Welcome to your anytime, anywhere back porch on wheels!

We know what you’re thinking, ‘to brand a product as having a lifestyle’ is a bit passe and possibly a stretch claim. We have ruminated on this question a great deal and have come to the decidedly egotistical conclusion that ‘if any product could be deemed to foster a lifestyle, the Tail Table is the embodiment of such a product.

Below is the ‘current’ top 15 list of How to Enjoy your Tail Table Lifestyle. We eagerly await to hear your ideas before and after you receive your Tail Table! We will tag or include your feedback in this blog post which will become an everlasting system of records for how to live a successful and exciting Tail Table Lifestyle.

#1. Picnics

Picnics have to be the everyday winner-winner chicken dinner for us. While you could literally have a chicken dinner on your Tail Table, imagine Thanksgiving outside, an easier anytime option is to grab some bread or crackers with prosciutto and veggies such as olives and artichokes with your spread of choice and have at it. Making your own tapas on the Tail Table is a blast for adults and kiddos. The more options the merrier. The more toppers you bring, the more amusing and tasty the feast. With the Tail Table’s food-safe chopping board you can lay out any type of food and make a mess without worry. To clean up is a swipe of a towel and a toss into the dishwasher.


#2. Meditating

This word means many different things to each individual. When we think of meditating, we think of the sounds of nature. Pulling into a local park or down a country road into the woods or open field gives you the serine pause and space to open your mind. Meditating could be simply sitting in silence listening to the sounds of nature or reading a book with an iced tea or glass of wine. For the iced tea, all you need is a cooler for keeping the ice-cold and tea from home or store-bought.

#3. Road Trips

Do you bring your own food on a road trip? Would you rather grab food on the trip? Both amazing options made better with the Tail Table! We often stop for a drive-through burger and fries or pizza then find the next overlook or country road to stop and enjoy our food on the Tail Table without the worry of making a mess in the car or sitting at a dirty (or questionably clean) fast-food restaurant table. This brings us to the next option...


#4. Grabbing to-go food!

During the pandemic, we all soured a bit on eating out, though I would like to think most of us would love to support our local restaurants. You now have 3 options! Dine-in, order at home, or get it to-go and eat on your Tail Table at a local park or beautiful place. We cannot wait to see all of the tags on social media promoting your favorite restaurants while eating their yummy grub on the Tail Table in nature! (Pro tip - have some extra fries or snacks ready for the squirrel or bunny friends you will make).

#5. Tailgating

Okay, this one is obvious, but is it? You may immediately get the image of pro-football games or NASCAR race camping. Think about how enjoyable your kid's soccer game would be with a few chairs and the Tail Table. Imagine the kiddos running up after practice or games for drinks and a lite bite, in style! Have you ever been to a horse race for tailgating? Talk about party animals! Have the sexiest tailgating setup at any event with the Tail Table. Grab a portable grille for the ideal accessory to cover your Tail Table with burgers, hot dogs, or whatever your tailgating group commands. Speaking of events...


#6. Events and Meetups

Do you have a local car club, car shows, running club, biking group, or any type of meetup? Give people a centralized place to check-in or sign in, congregate, eat, drink, and be merry! We have had suggestions from marathon organizers to utilize the Tail Table as a waypoint station to offer drinks or lite bites for the runners. We see a big opening here for group organizers to use their imagination.

#7. Date Nights

Dinner and a movie are so pre-pandemic and quite frankly, uninspired in our opinion. Most fancy restaurants will let you take to-go especially these days. Take your own food or take to-go and watch a sunset with the apple of your eye in the privacy of your own vehicle and your clean, private Tail Table. The Tail Table is the best VIP table status money can buy. Bring a cooler for ice-cold drinks and get fancy with some flowers in the middle of the table to impress.


#8. Date Mornings!

Bring some originality to dating or your relationship and start the day fresh together. After a lovely sunrise and bite on the Tail Table, you will feel refreshed with a sense of connection with each other for the whole day, even weeks, months, and who knows possibly years to come. We love the breakfast date. Google ‘french breakfast’ to build that Instagram-ready breakfast spread of croissants, jams and cheeses, OJ, coffee, simple fruits like grapes on the vine, and some meats if you please such as prosciutto. Chop some fresh tomatoes on the Tail Table’s food-safe chopping and cheese board. Grab a throw blanket in case it is a little chilly before the sun comes up.


#9. Plane spotting

 us not forget the modern marvel which is air travel.
 Back when air travel first came to be for the masses (a small subset of the masses to be sure) people dressed in their Sunday best to fly. Now we wear sweatpants and slippers. That is totally cool. Whatever makes you feel comfortable on your flight. We like to give appreciation for the miracle of air travel. In almost any town in the U.S., you can find a local municipal airport or even a large airport with the ability to get up close and watch these beautiful machines lift off and land. Bring a camera in the off chance you catch a plan coming in sideways with wind shear. Always a winning shot and harrowing story to share with friends.


#10. Working Remotely

Let us be honest with ourselves. There are pros to working from home but plenty of cons. The biggest con is that your home now feels like an office which is not a great association. You hear not to work in bed because you associate your sleep haven with an office space. This is No bueno! Break it up and create your own WeWork-style ‘hot desk’ at a local park. Plan to tether your phone to your computer for internet access or you could even find a local cafe to nestle up to so that you can get some wifi while still being outside. Many parks these days have wifi as well. Be prepared to see some smiles and get comments from your coworkers when you have birds chirping in the background and sun lighting up your face.


#11. Stargazing

This one needs no explanation. Most of us live in a place where the stars of our galaxy are shrouded by the lights of our city. On the next clear night, get off the couch, turn the TV off and go see the best show our universe has to offer to us all. Shooting stars are filled with the wondrous potential of that big wish you have floating in your head. Get it out and let the universe help you make it happen!

#12. Fishing or hunting 

For the fisherman and fisherwoman as well as hunters out there here is a little treat for you.
 If you happen to fish off of bridges or near a roadside creek then the Tail Table is an awesome option because you can use the wine glass holders which double as fishing rod holders! Whammo! While fishing you could crack a beer and smoke a stogie and relax while waiting for the next catch to haul in. For hunters, imagine a sweet little home away from home to cook, prep, or simply relax before or after the hunt. You can carve up fish or game right atop the food-safe chopping board on the Tail Table!


#13. Bonfires

Some of us grew up in small-town America or at the beach where bonfires are a way to gather and be free. There are many fire hazard safe bonfires on the market now to set up right behind your vehicle and enjoy the crackle of a real wood fire at night. As another option, you can get a large candle to set atop the Tail Table to give you that natural fire light.

#14. Outdoor Activities

Hiking. Biking. Paddle-boarding. Surfing. Climbing. Trail Running. Golfing. No matter your outdoor activity of choice they are always made to be more enjoyable by starting and ending with the Tail Table. Why wait for that after an activity protein bite or recovery meal all the way back at home? Stay longer and enjoy the scenery with your after activity food and drink of choice. After activity meals are an excellent option whether you embark on solo activities or adventures with groups.

#15. Car, SUV, or Van Camping

Come to think of it we should have led with this one. There are many automotive tents that you can find that connection to the back of your vehicle to provide a home away from home type of environment. The Tail Table is the ideal accessory for those tents because the floating Tail Table opens up room under the table and does not require the perfectly flat ground to set up. No worries about knocking it over either when you and the family are jostling around inside the tent! For vans, you can extend your ‘build’ outside of the van’s interior and have a sweet ‘snap on’ back porch. Whether you are a car, SUV, or van owner, you can add an awning or tent to the back of your ride for a lovely shelter and dining area outside, protected from the elements.

Share your ideas in the comments below!

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