The Tesla Owner’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Tesla owners have the privilege of being at the forefront of technology and innovation. We at Space Innovation Labs have chosen the unique holiday gifts that will enhance the look and utility of their state of the art technology. These gift ideas will enable the Tesla owners of your life to travel further, stay longer, and enjoy the freedom of their Tesla to the max.


#1 – Glovebox PPF Wrap

Show you care about their ride and help them protect the high traffic area of their glove box and dashboard. Protection is the gift that truly lasts. TesBros has built its business with a dedication to protecting Tesla owner’s cherished investments. The glove box compartment is an area that takes a lot of hits. For a low $35 investment you can give your Tesla owner that much more piece of mind. Shop Now


#2 – Protective Wheel Bands

Since buying our Model Y we have already scraped a few curbs and now the upgraded wheels we paid over $2,000 for are scratched, never to be the same. Don’t let this happen to your favorite Tesla owner’s ride. Each kit outfits a set of 4 wheels from 18″ to 22″. Includes 1 mounting track coil, 1 color insert coil, 1 application tool, and 2 surface prep wipes. They come in 3 track colors (Black, Silver, and Red) and 4 insert colors (Black, Silver, Red, and White). Premium Reflective Red and Silver inserts will give your rims a distinctive look at night. Installation time between 20–60 minutes. Shop Now


#3 – Mattress for all Models

Camp Mode is a major selling point and the primary reason Tesla owners put so many miles on their cars (aside from the ease of driving on Autopilot). There are many mattresses out there and we love this blow up sold by S3XY Models because it can be deflated and folds up easily to store in the back of your car when not in use. We have logged many road trip miles with this exact mattress and it has been a breeze. We have added some really soft pillows and blankets from Pottery Barn which we sleep on to really remove any feeling that you are sleeping on an air mattress and bring a feeling of home to Camp Mode days. We went with the below blanket from Rumpl to have a versatile blanket that feels like a puffy Patagonia jacket for your bed. Shop Now


#4 – Complete the Camp Mode experience with a compact, cozy blanket

We use this blanket for everything on the road. Sitting at a cold Supercharger having coffee? Throw this over your shoulders and step outside for some fresh air. This blanket plus a bedsheet on the above air mattress and you will have yourself an awesome nights sleep. Shop Now


#5 – Speaking of luxurious experiences, meet the Tail Table

Because there’s never been a better time to get outside with friends and family (or solo), we have developed the perfect new product to help expand the Tesla owner’s ability to enjoy this holiday season and beyond. The Tail Table by Space Innovation Labs floats outside your vehicle to keep it clean and give you an extra 60+ cubic feet of personal space around the back of your vehicle.

The Tail Table likes to have fun, so it has six stem wine glass holders for those who enjoy wine tasting in the sun. The Tail Table is designed in the USA and is built for a lifetime of enjoyment. There is an endless amount of utility options including: car-tent camping in style, eating snacks on the go, apres ski, date night (or date morning), outdoor office space, chilling while charging, family days at the park (seats 4-6), and whatever else you can think up (we would love to hear how you use yours).

It’s patented mechanical functionality allows the user to lock it to any car or SUV’s rear tailgate or trunk metal U-latch (where the trunk or tailgate locks down onto) then braces itself (with soft feet) onto the bumper allowing it to float in midair 45 inches off of the rear of the vehicle turning tent camping into a serious luxury experience. The Tail Table has a sexy modern ascetic design which holds features such as a built in cutting board. Its modularity allows it to morph into 4 sizes (personal, chunky, intimate, and family sizes). Shop Now


#6 Let that Tesla and SpaceX pride show with Adventures of Starman;

A Tesla owner is a proud Tesla owner and Elon Musk fan. The demo flight of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, which launched Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster into space with Starman on board and the stereo blasting David Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” was the most exciting moment in space travel in the last 20 years.

Starman is a symbol of hope for all mankind. A future in which we strive for greatness. A future in which we push the limits of our capabilities. A future in which we not only return to the moon but set foot on Mars.

There’s some really cool stocking stuffers here from a cool simple coffee mug or The Adventures of Starman novel for a fun unique gift. Go big and get them a 3D printed Starman helmet! Shop Now


#7 On Swag. S3XY Models has some cool threads and swag to elevate any stocking stuff session

You can’t go wrong with a Tesla hat, mug, or beanie cap. The ‘Rogan-Musk 2020’ shirt is hilarious if your Tesla fan has a proper funny bone. Shop Now


#8 – Portable Car Vacuum

Yes, yes, yes! This is a must. We have tried several auto vacuums and many are pretty weak. This beast is worth the $60 price tag. You can’t get your car cleaned every week, yet every day the dust and dirt seems to pile up. Help them keep the mess under control with this powerful car cleaning tool. Shop Now


#9 – On cleaning; The top of the line in Tesla specific car care

Tesla made a unique product to say the least. That means keeping that sweet mat finish interior clean and looking the same as the day you bought it without streaks or too much shine is hard to do given the standard products out there on the market. The Starter Bundle, from TesBros is the perfect bundle, designed with everything you need to keep your Tesla and other vehicles looking at their best. Shop Now

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