The 2020 Wine-Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Wine lovers are a picky bunch by nature. They often want nothing more than to have the best and enjoy the good life. We’ve compiled our favorite wine aficionado gifts to show your beloved wine-lover you understand their need to taste the best life has to offer.


#1 – Wine and Cheese Tote

For serious picknickers, only the most organized wine and cheese tote will do. Wine Country insulated tote includes cheese service and corkscrew by LEGACY – a Picnic Time brand, as well as a 6-inch square hardwood cheese board, stainless steel cheese knife with wooden handle, and stainless steel waiter-style corkscrew. Ready, set, sip! Shop Now


#2 – Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

Celebrate the pleasures of wine and chocolate with artisan bars designed to complement your favorite varietals. These customized bars are handcrafted by master chocolatiers who formulate each one with specific flavor profiles that pair perfectly with different wines. For a decadent tasting, begin with white chocolate and Champagne, then enjoy the more robust chocolate with wine in the order suggested. Shop Now


#3 – Winc Wine Subscription

By gifting this wine club, you’ll never have to bring a bottle to your friend’s dinner party again—because you’ll have already sent them plenty. Winc has made a name for itself by offering tastes of adventurous new wines and learning your palette with both an initial profile and gathering more info from the bottles you try so that each new box includes exciting new wines that you’re sure to love. Shop Now


#4 – The ultimate luxury wine tasting picnic table; fits any car or SUV

“Built for the good life, outdoors”; Tail Table is built for refined dining or rugged outdoor experiences. Portable, sleek, rugged; you can snap a taste of the good life onto your car or SUV tail, anytime, anywhere.

Because there’s never been a better time to get outside with friends and family (or solo), we’ve developed the perfect new product to help expand the intrepid wine lover’s ability to enjoy this holiday season and beyond. The Tail Table by Space Innovation Labs floats outside your vehicle to keep it clean and give you an extra 60+ cubic feet of personal space around the back of your vehicle.

The Tail Table likes to have fun, so it has 6 stem wine glass holders for those who enjoy wine tasting in the sun. The Tail Table is designed in the USA and is built for a lifetime of enjoyment. There’s endless utility options including; car-tent camping in style, eating snacks on the go, apres ski, date night (or date morning), outdoor office space, chilling while charging, family days at the park (seats 4-6), and whatever else you can think up (we’d love to hear how you use yours).

Its patented mechanical functionality allows it to lock to any car or SUV’s rear tailgate or trunk metal U-latch (where the trunk or tailgate locks down onto) then braces itself (with soft feet) onto the bumper allowing it to float in midair 45 inches off of the rear of the vehicle turning tent camping into a serious luxury experience. The Tail Table has a sexy modern ascetic design which holds features such as a built in cutting board. Its modularity allows it to morph into 4 sizes (personal, chunky, intimate, and family sizes). Shop Now


#5 – Speaking of luxurious experiences, introducing Merlot infused coffee

You read that right! This coffee is aged in Merlot wine barrels for a subtle infusion of wine notes. Shop Now


#6 – The best stocking stuffer of 2020?? We say yes to the shower and bath wine glass holder

2020 has been a tough year. We believe it’s fair to say that the wine business has gotten some extra love in the form of sales this year. So, if you’re inside more, you may as well set up your home with the ultimate comforts. Combining bath bubbles with wine or champagne bubbles sounds like a great way to get separation from the world at the end of a busy week (or any day). Shop Now


#7 – Stay cool

Keep your cool with this wine chiller which can keep 4 bottles at the perfect chilly temps simultaneously without the drips and fuss of a bucket of ice. Shop Now


#8 – Least expensive wine decanter

We love this Luigi Bormioli Magnifico 35-ounce Decanter with Punt because it’s fiscally practical yet elegant. It is designed In Italy and made from lead-free material. Safe in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Let that bottle get some fresh air! Your wine lover will get maximum enjoyment from every sip. Shop Now


#9 Le-Creuset wine sleeve; 

Lightweight and made for the outdoor loving wine enthusiast this wine-cooler sleeve keeps standard-size wine bottles perfectly chilled for hours. Pierce-resistant nylon construction with adjustable collar, elastic bands, and tapered top. Its secret sauce is 2 inner gel packs allow for pre-chilling in the fridge or freezer for optimal temperature retention. Shop Now

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