Tail Table Product Update!

Hello Everyone!

We are thrilled to announce that production is on time for a June shipping timeframe. You will receive your Tail Table in time for summer! We have invested heavily as a company to create custom tooling to manufacture an extremely strong, sexy, and functional Tail Table which will last you a lifetime of fun in the sun!

Below are the key updates on the Tail Table. We will share more, ‘finished’ images in the coming weeks, showing all the design updates in greater detail. We will then have a full Gen 2, production-level prototype which we will be photo shooting towards the end of April, early May. Stay tuned for that!

  1. The core of the Tail Table will be two solid molded pieces of nylon and resins in a honeycomb pattern to make the Tail Table super light and extremely strong. The two pieces are the ‘tray’ in the back where the food safe cutting board/cheese board will go inside, then taken out to be set on top when the Tail Table is extended. The tray slides under the second solid piece which is the main ‘table’ area. 
  2. The ‘wings’ of the ‘table’ will remove and fold on top of the Tail Table so that the whole unit when completely folded down will be only 24”L x 15”W x 3”H! When fully extended the Tail Table is 48”L x 30” x 3”H! It will be extremely compact compared to its fully extended size! 
  3. You will receive a free bag! We have designed a solid, stylish bag that will hold and protect your Tail Table investment! It will also hold the Deluxe Package of 6 plastic wine glasses and 6 plastic tumblers if you purchased that. We recommend it. The bag will also hold your picnic or camping utensils and allow you to carry the Tail Table and your camping things with ease. Images of the bag will be released over several weeks.


Please reach out with any questions, comments, or insights. We love hearing how you will use your Tail Table. Get excited for a fun summer in the sun! Our mission is to help people get outside more often. Thank you for supporting us and making this product a reality!



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