Happy Father's Day!

What does father's day mean to us? By Lawrence Bugg - Founder and CEO at Space Innovation Labs and inventor of the Tail Table.

If the 'Megadeth' t-shirt I am wearing in this old family photo is any indication of what kind of kid I was one could easily muster up kudos to my father who somehow managed all the trials and tribulations of an unruly pre-teen, even more unruly teenager, then something like a wild bucking bronco of a young adult. How he managed without falling over and crying uncle is some sort of miracle of fatherhood which I may never understand, until I become a father one day.

Fathers, certainly my father carry the weight of the world on their backs and take it all in stride. Why, because according to my father's account "when you see that baby's face for the first time, everything that mattered to you before, all your worries of 'can I do this' are gone and you are overcome with a new mission in life".

That must be true because I have witnessed it time and time again as a rule breaking kid who could barely sit still for a moment. 

An extremely fortunate luck of the draw would have it that I was born in a location and socioeconomic status whereby there was plenty of outdoor recreation near our home and my father made sure to get us out as much as possible, particularly me who seemed to brim with unending energy. The only way to tucker me out was to fill my cup with interesting things such as nature hikes, bike rides, or playing sports, playing with rockets, or building model airplanes. 


My father even went so far as to cut a baseball field into the tall grass behind our house. After working the night shift as a police officer in Washington D.C. (surely not stressful in the slightest) he found the energy to take me out first thing in the morning before school to hit baseballs, which I eagerly accepted hitting balls and losing them into the woods. We went through thousands of baseballs which are now buried under a new housing development in Sterling, Virginia. When we heard the bus coming we would run to catch it. Oftentimes we would miss the bus then he would have to either drive after the bus or drive me to school.

Indeed when I think about this company with its first product, the Tail Table, certainly none of it would be possible without the support throughout my career from my father but mostly the idea and engineering prowess needed to create the Tail Table stems from the many hours spent creating miniature train set worlds, building and painting model airplanes, fixing toys, bikes and later dirt bikes, and spending countless hours in the cool basement room where our workbench was which is where I learned how to use tools from a simple hammer to a soldering iron. The soldering iron, melting metal as an 8 year old is possibly one of the coolest adventures you can take without leaving home and visiting an iron smelting facility.

On this father's day I would like to give thanks here publicly to my father for helping to bring me to this point in life and to play a major role in brining what is a truly exciting one of a kind product to people to enjoy with their friends, family, fathers, mothers and anyone you would have at your table. Thank you, dad!


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