First Tesla Model Y Product Test & Western Adventure (Camp Mode Galore)

Why is the Model Y the best product purchase I’ve ever made? Because, of course the fact that you’re on the razor’s edge technologically to the point you feel bad for other drivers (I even cry for Mercedes owners), but moreover it’s the adventurous spirit of the MY along with Camp Mode along with it’s storage capabilities which makes every penny spent feel like it was money well spent.

That said, we (my wife and myself) are embarking on an epic journey across (4) states and (6) national parks over (10) days to test the Model Y to its fullest and absolute limits as well test some of the many outdoor adventure products which have been recently touted for the MY. We’re going to put the MY and our adventure accessories through their paces. In the process, we’ve discovered an idea and created a new product around it (see the Tail Table below). We hope this is helpful for those intrepid road warriors out there.

Our trip started the weekend, September 13th from San Francisco, CA to Yosemite National Park. Then we’re off to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park in Utah, then Glenwood Springs hot springs as a first Colorado stop, then Vail, and finally at our destination in Denver, CO on September 23rd. I hope we don’t see any of that famous Denver area hail (hail season apparently ends mid September and we didn’t get our car vinyl wrapped).. We’ll be trying our best to protect Rocky, the aptly named Model Y which was named in San Francisco so no relation to Colorado.

What will we be testing you ask? Firstly, our bed and our threshold for sleeping in the car for multiple days, along with our ability to pack everything we need appropriately in our MY for minimal stops. We’ve listed our top gear (our reviews are pending the start of our expedition, when we’ll start adding real-time testing feedback), as well we’ll be analyzing our ability to carry water for staying fresh and hydrated along the way.

Our first product review is a no brainer for us because it was so easy to fall in love with. The NanoLoft Puffy blanket by @gorumpl has turned our air mattress into a wonderfully cozy and warm experience which lends you both an at-home and camping feel at the same time. It’s one part puffy jacket, one part sleeping bag, one part parka for morning coffee brewing just outside your Tesla rig makes this blanked incredibly versatile. Oh, and it packs down to fit almost anywhere. It’s a bit pricy. Working on getting a discount from Rumpl. DM if interested.
Tail table
FRIDAY GEAR REVIEW (our first episode — scroll over for product review of the Thermacell Mosquito Repeller review).
Share your favorite gear in comment or DM and we’ll send you a cool Tesla Expedition sticker! More cool giveaways coming!
Happy Friday! For this week’s Gear Review Friday we are testing the @gsioutdoors Bugaboo camp kitchen system. We love this company and use a similar yet smaller system for backpacking. This fits nicely in the Tesla frunk along with a two burner stove, a chuck back (with all your kitchen utensils and gas etc), food bag, and small cooler so you’ll be ready to bug out anytime in your Tesla for a weekend of solitude. What do you use for a kitchen set?

Titanium 3-Piece Cutlery Set.

Unless you’re planning to eat Moroccan style with your hands (kudos if you are going that route) than you need a proper camping utensil set. You paid $$$$ for your Tesla and I’d suggest you need dinnerware that matches your clean Tesla style. WWJBJ?? (What Would James Bond Do?). These are $20 per set but stainless steel with a carabiner so they won’t get lost in your chuck bag (chuck bag is where all your camp kitchen stuff goes including fuel, plates etc, lighter, axe and shovel and more — we will review a people chuck bag later). Have a fun weekend out there!! Cheers!

Heater by @mrheater

It’s a propane heater for max heat on those cold winter mornings when you step outside of you’re warm climate controlled Tesla cocoon. Last weekend we stayed at Mueller State Park and this portable heater was our lifesaver when temps went down to 20 Fahrenheit. It’s large enough to heat a camper or tent 16-33 feet or a 1-car garage even at sub-zero temps. You can even set it at your feet if you are tailgating on the back of your car. Make sure you keep a window or two open.

Travel safe and be prepared this winter

Meet @colemanusa Outbound Portable Propane Gas Camping Stove!

What stove do you use when car camping? A two burner like this (and there are many like it) fits right up in the frunk at the bottom then we stack our food bag, chuck bag (tough bag with all cooking essentials and utensils as well as stove gas etc), cooler on top. Fits nicely. Happy trails this weekend!

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