Find your free places

If this pandemic has taught us anything it is there is immense value in having personal space and fresh air for our mental health.

Getting outside is a luxury and means something different to everyone. For us, finding freedom outside is so much more than a serious road trip, car camping, or a hardcore backpacking excursion. It is an everyday opportunity presented to us to step away from the Zoom calls and take a mini ‘freedom ride’. 

Go solo or with friends and family. Go to places where you can meet new people or go where nobody will bother you to collect your thoughts or find inspiration. Our message and mission is to show you how you can simply GO somewhere to recharge. 

Personal space is a luxury. For most people it takes some effort to exploit this luxury. We at Space Innovation Labs have a montra of “Inspiring Freedom” because deep in our bones we all yearn for more fresh air and freedom.


This week our team found a few of our all time favorite ‘free places’ to recharge. For me, meditation has helped me overcome a gnarly case of ADD and general anxiety. So, we took the team and the Tail Table out to meditate in the sun at our local municipal airport. I have always found airports calming. Maybe it is the freedom and adventure that travel represents. Maybe the chaotic movement that has an opposing effect of making one feel grounded. Maybe it is the fear and uncertainty which some associate with flying that makes you appreciate being alive. 

Whatever our motivation, our team chose a private airport to set up, watch the planes fly in and out, and escape for a brief part of our afternoon. It was truly everything we had hoped it would be. We went back to work afterwards feeling as if we had actually jumped in one of those places and flew to a beach in the British Virgin Islands.

Everyone needs a place that they can walk, or run, or drive to that helps them lose themselves and leave the world behind. Where do you go to feel free from the daily doldrums of life? Where would you use your Tail Table to get more fresh air and freedom? We want to hear some inspiration from you!


“There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask "What if I fall?"

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?”


― Erin Hanson

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