Dating, relationships, and Mother Nature

Let’s face it, here in the real world relationships aren’t an Instagram post or a romantic movie plot. Let us not use the ‘relationships are hard’ moniker. Shall we say, ‘relationships take concerted effort to stay on track, and for everyone involved to be happy and mentally healthy. 

To invoke a proper study, It has been shown that a key to relationships survival is whenever there is an argument or difference of view that the couples who ‘turn towards each other versus turning away’ have longer and stronger relationships. Here at Space Innovation Labs we believe our first product, the Tail Table helps to bring together friends and family in new and exciting environments so that they can build new connections and refresh themselves and their relationships.

I’ll never forget when someone once told me, when I was a young whipper snapper, that a first date with more than one stop, versus one stop at a restaurant or movie builds trust with your prospective partner. I call them adventure dates and I certainly used this, selfishly at times, to bring the objects of my affection closer to me. I can confidently say that they do work, quite well if you string together the right series of events or stops.

Fast forward to being married and a similar rule applies to breaking the standard one-stop or singular same-ol dinner out. Regardless of how yummy or fancy the dinner you do not experience the same level of neurological connections firing off as you do by experiencing something or somewhere truly new or unique.

Beyond new and unique, I would submit that ‘nature heals’. Relationships in our humble opinion need nature and a bit of adventure to nurture the spark which started them. 

My partner and myself started getting outside more as we were testing the first Tail Table prototype. Very quickly it was no longer a job to be completed, the Tail Table was beckoning us every week to set up our breakfast, lunch, or dinner table outside versus inside in front of the nightly news.

Whatever your way of getting outside, be it a blanket in the park, a bike ride across a beautiful bridge or landscape, or on the Tail Table overlooking a calming sunset with a view, find ... , no, MAKE time to venture out and experience a sense of newness, freedom, and take in nature’s magic healing powers, together.

“In every walk with Nature one received far more than he seeks” - John Muir

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