Tail Table

Built for the good life, outdoors.

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Tail Table is built for refined dining or rugged outdoor experiences. Snap on a taste of the good life, anytime, anywhere.

Capability & Utility

Tail Table is the world’s first leg-less car table with a patent-pending locking mechanism which attaches to it onto most cars, SUVs or vans, and floats in midair.

A road to the middle of nowhere. A rugged mountain trip. A long weekend with the family. We are focused on building products that inspire and enable you to connect and explore more often.

Cabability at a Glance

Introducing The Tail Table

“My new favorite life-accessory, it's added a new dimension to getting outside.”

Lawrence Bugg, Founder

Endless Experiences

Whether with friends & family, an event, a solo day trip, or simply an outdoor lunch with a view, you always have a place to call home away from home.

Any car or SUV

Fits most cars, SUVs, or vans with a metal U-latch or I-latch which the trunk or tailgate locks 'down onto'.

We can help 90% of car & SUVs owners to connect more with the world around them. Every aspect of the Tail Table is designed to enhance your wildest adventures, or simply discover more fresh air and freedom.

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Tail Table connects within the base of your trunk and is braced by the rear bumper providing up to 200 lbs of zero shaking, table support.




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